Who Can Benefit?


colostrum-powderWho Can Benefit from Taking Colostrum?

Both adults and children can benefits from taking supplemental colostrum. It is especially good for those who were not weaned on breast milk. Supplemental colostrum can provide nutrients missing in weak or sensitive children.

human colostrum

Human Colostrum

Colostrum is good for adults, children and pets. Pets thrive on colostrum just as humans do. People with flu, colds, bacterial or viral infections and who have been antibiotics or other drugs could benefit from colostrum supplementation.

After going through puberty, our bodies gradually decrease the production of immune and growth factors that generally combat disease. When we lose vital health components, we are much more susceptible to disease and the aging process, which can also shorten life expectancy.

Colostrum Supplements and Family Health

The components in colostrum have the ability to fight off bacterial and viral invaders as well as stimulate tissue repair by boosting colostrum-and-family-healththe immune system, a process that becomes increasingly vulnerable as we age.

Research shows that nutrients contained in bovine colostrum can be beneficial for people with immune deficiencies (including HIV), inflammatory problems like allergies and arthritis, auto immune dysfunction and cancer.

Nature made colostrum to promote good health for newborns. Supplemental colostrum can help more than babies in building resistance to opportunistic infections and improving the quality of life. It can benefit humans and pets alike.

Promote a Sense of Well Being with Supplemental Colostrum

  • Improve Immunity
  • Sharpen Mental Focus
  • Increase Physical Endurance
  • Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Eliminate Allergy Symptoms
  • Improve Prostate Health
  • Enhance Sexual Function
  • Destroy Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi
  • Speed Healing
  • Promote Healthy Hair

colostrumWith the value that a super food such as colostrum brings into the body, it’s no wonder that families count on its nutrients for sustaining and improving good health.

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