colostrum-powderColostrum is a Superfood of choice for people seeking a natural and complete nutritional package. It’s a highly complex substance rich in protein, anti-bodies, growth factors and immune system boosters. Being nature’s most concentrated source of biologically active components, it contains a wide variety of protective and regulating factors that promote health and vitality.

Animal colostrum has been used by humans of various cultures for thousands of years. True colostrum is the first series of lacteal secretions produced by a mammal just after giving birth. Colostrum is full of rich nutrients and immune factors that start babies on the path to health.

Containing over 95 immune factors, colostrum provides protection against bacteria, toxins, virus and disease. The anti-bodies in colostrum from cows are similar enough to those in humans to be very valuable. Research has shown it is 100% safe with no side effects, drug interactions or allergic reactions.

Bovine colostrum is extremely similar to human colostrum in terms of digestibility and nutrients. However, scientific studies have shown that colostrum’s highly valuable immune and growth factors are found in greater quantities in bovine colostrum than in human colostrum!

Colostrum promotes passive immunity and proper growth and development of a newborn. Studies have shown that humans can benefit from supplementing our diets with bovine colostrum.

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