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Chabazite and Clinoptilolite Are the Most Effective Zeolites for Human Consumption

There is only one thing with which all the health experts agree and that thing is that the removal of toxins, heavy metals and poisonous substances from the body is the best prevention and treatment help for cancer malignancies. Therefore, the detoxification process is an amazing idea to keep us healthy and balanced. We gather these harmful toxins from everything surrounding us: foods, drinking water and even the air we breathe.

For instance, we eat vegetables, but how do we know for sure those vegetables aren’t treated with pesticides or other harmful substances? We don’t know for sure, of course, unless we cultivate them ourselves. All the food products on the market are highly processed, and contain all sorts of substances that can be lethal for our bodies and lead us to all sorts of diseases… and that’s not all. The air we breathe, we all know, is much polluted these days, being another important source of toxins. The removal of toxins from our bodies is not only a treatment for cancer malignancies, but also an ideal protection against all types of diseases.

It is essential to work with a toxins removal plan designed to protect against all those compounds that trigger cancers. At this point, there are all sorts of products designed to protect us against cancer contaminants. Also there are all kinds of detoxification products designed to deal all the current diseases. You can find detoxification products against weight problems, diabetes and chronic diseases. It will be very comforting to know that a detoxing product used to protect against cancers can also be used against other diseases. The only product of this type, accustomed to protect our bodies from all the diseases, recognized by all the specialists, is liquid zeolite.

Zeolite is in fact a nature’s gift. The zeolites minerals are harvested from the ground. They form when the volcanic ash and lava meet the salted ocean or sea water. Having negatively charged ions, the zeolites attract all the positively charged ions from which heavy metals and toxins are formed. This entire process has been compared with the magnetic attraction. The structure of zeolites looks exactly like a honeycomb, and this is the reason why toxins remain kept in the mineral’s structure. In the human body’s journey, zeolite traps all the toxins it meets on its way, and gets them removed when it is being eliminated through urine or sweat, after 6 to 8 hours. Liquid zeolite is an extraordinary detoxification plan against cancer.

There are more than 60 forms of zeolite in the ground, but not all of them are good for human consumption. In fact, 2 of them are poisonous for our bodies, and many of them can be used only in industry. The ones for human consumption are Chabazite and Clinoptilolite. Together, these 2 form a very strong alliance that seeks out heavy metals and toxic compounds wherever the blood flows through the body. It is better to use zeolite as a detoxifier in its liqud form, because it is much easier to be absorbed this way.

Think about your health and go only with the best liquid zeolite supplement and nutritional supplements available on the market!

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