Sep 142011

earthinhandsIt’s nearly impossible to watch news or socialize on Facebook without seeing stories about the fragile condition of our planet. Many years of industrial waste and irresponsible management of Earth’s resources have led to major issues with pollution, toxic waste and health.

How do we as caretakers of our own bodies deal with the task of getting or staying healthy? An aware person can’t separate the personal health dilemma from our environmental dilemma.

Organic certification not only gives a choice for better quality food, it is our main  link to preserving our planet. After all, if the food that gives us nourishment is polluted from the environment, what hope do we have of living a healthy life?

Organically-grown food is real food that provides nutrition vital to good health. Non-organically grown food can look and taste real but it is not. It can be manipulated with foreign DNA (GMO) and it can contain dangerous carcinogens and other toxins.

How can you tell if food is real or not? Read the label and follow this chart. It offers a bit of humor in addition to a valuable guide.


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