Nov 212012

How to Avoid Foods Made with GMOs

gmo-free-300x275On November 6, 2012 California voters had the chance to make history in the food industry. Alas, the “powers” that be and have been making the rules for food safety won that round but not without paying a big price – Consumer Awareness!

Now more than ever health-seeking people are demanding to know what they spend their money on and what goes in the food on their dinner table.

Although No on CA Prop 37 was won at the polls by the heavy monetary support (over $45 million spent!) from a long list of corporations, their subsidies and their brands/products, consumers are demanding the Right to Know by changing their purchasing habits.

You are in control and can demand safe food by how you spend your money. Boycott the corporations that oppose GMO labeling.

A grassroots network of concerned citizens known as The Center For Food Safety provides guidelines to help you buy “clean” non-GMO foods and avoid foods with GMO ingredients.

The guide offers assistance to avoiding genetically-modified foods. Their top 3 tips are:

1.    Buy “certified organic” products because they are not allowed to contain any GMOs.
2.    Buy from companies that volunteer “Non-GMO” labeling.
3.    Avoid eating foods that are made from the big 4 GMO foods.

Exercise your Right to Know and download this pdf file now – Non-GMO Shopping Guide.

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