What to Look For in a PEMF Wellness Device


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energy-bodyNow that you are familiar with what magnetic resonance stimulation is, you will want to know what to look for in a PEMF wellness device.

Always use a dynamic magnetic resonance wave. Never use a static frequency such as a magnet bed. Using magnets for healing has become very popular in the world but when choosing a full body mat, always choose a device with pulsed electro-magnetic fields – frequencies that pulse. The cells of the body will soon become immune to the single frequency that magnets emit. You may feel an change initially but your body will cease to respond eventually.

Purchase a device with a full-body mat. Hand-held devices are good for localization but the real benefits lie in the full body treatment. Make sure the body mat is made with copper coils instead of wire mesh. Although more convenient, mesh mats lose the pure magnetic field that comes from a copper loop current.

Only use systems with low intensities (between 0 and 70 uT (microtesla). Clinical research has proven that lower intensities work better than stronger intensities. Less really is better when it comes to magnetic resonance energy and the human body, especially with chemically-sensitive people who will want to use the lowest setting possible such as a picotesla setting. According to experts, staying below 400 uT provides the most compatible resonance with the body and there are no known risks up to this setting.

Only use devices whose frequencies are closely aligned to nature, mainly in the .5 to 25 Hz range. Research proves the biological window of frequencies best absorbed by the body is roughly 0-30 Hz.
For best results use a device with a sawtooth waveform signal.

Choose a PEMF device that switches polarity often during the assigned time in order to keep the level of stimulation at its highest level.

Look for a resonance device that adjusts the frequencies to different times of the day – energizing during the day and relaxing in the evening before bed. The better units offer a built-in biorhythm clock.

You and your family will be using your device everyday for a long time to establish balance and harmony in your body. They are simple to use and require nothing more than lying on them for a few minutes a day to reap immense rewards. Due to the initial cost of a high quality PEMF wellness device (between $3,000 and $5,000), look for a professional company that makes medical grade equipment and offers a 2-3 year warranty on parts. Your system will more than pay for itself in health benefits over and over again. After you’ve done your research, make sure to choose a company and a certified health technician that will support you and answer your questions after your purchase.

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